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Simplify your support nightmares with a single program that can nimbly handle your in-house sign and label printing needs and yet is still flexible enough to satisfy the needs of your “independent” retailers. Whether your operation has ten stores or ten thousand stores, DESIGN-R-LABELS is flexible by module and scalable to meet your needs. The system features the retail industries most powerful design program coupled with the most flexible in-store printing solutions available. 

Key Features

  • Flexibility by Module: DESIGN-R-LABELS is designed with your specific needs in mind. Our modular approach ensures that you can tailor the system to fit your unique requirements, offering a solution that is as nimble as it is powerful.
  • Scalability: Whether you’re a wholesaler supporting a handful of stores or an extensive network of retailers, our system grows with you. You can trust that DESIGN-R-LABELS will adapt seamlessly as your operation evolves.
  • Powerful Design Program: At the heart of DESIGN-R-LABELS lies a state-of-the-art design program. It empowers you to create compelling signage and labels that effectively communicate your brand identity, ensuring a consistent and impactful in-store experience.
  • Versatile In-Store Printing: Our printing solutions are second to none in terms of flexibility. They can accommodate the diverse needs of your retailers, ensuring that they have access to professional in-store signage and labels.
DESIGN-R-LABELS for Wholesalers

Access to your Data (Data Mapping and Database Options)

  • Built-in interfaces to many POS and Back-Office Applications
  •  Easy mapping of many types of data files including:
    • Excel
    • ASCII flat files including fixed length and delimited
    • CSV
    • ODBC
    • Scripted
  • Reading of data files can be executed by the following
    • Automated call by a third-party POS or Back-Office application
    • Microsoft Scheduler
    • DESIGN-R-LABELS menu option
  •  DESIGN-R-LABELS takes advantage of SQLite for reading, storing (temporarily or permanently depending on management settings), and sorting of your product data for printing.
    • DESIGN-R-LABELS supports many field types including the following:
      • Character
      • Numeric
      • Date including Start and End Dates
      • Price
      • Split
      • Product Size
      • Compare item
      • And more

Control and Management (Management Control)

  • DESIGN-R-LABELS supports multi-level management control over the features, functions, and operation of the software. The Authorization control includes the following:
    • Screen layout and color scheme
    • Fields – character size of the field, field type display size, and layout order
    • Filters
    • Static Sorts
    • Dynamic Sorts
    • Forms and Templates
    • Groups and Users
    • Printers
    • Form-to-Printer & Tray Assignment
    • Global Settings
    • Error Handling

Eliminating Errors (Error Handling)

The Error Handling functionality of DESIGN-R-LABELS will save you many hours of support issues and increase user satisfaction. The Error Handling will check for common errors and correct or handle them on the fly. It prevents errors from printing bad labels and eliminates missing labels or missing data.

Error Handling enables you to create rules that keep the program from crashing or failing to print the correct signs or labels. You specify what happens if something is not right; does the program close, notify the user of the issue, print with the missing or inconsistent data, etc., your choice.


  • Print with as little as a “single click”
  • DESIGN-R-LABELS can walk you through printing multiple stocks from a single tray
  •  Print to any printer that supports a “Windows” print driver
  •  Print to laser, thermal roll or plotter printers
  • Print to as many printers as needed – no limit
  • DESIGN-R-LABELS can store the unique printer settings by media type and send it to the printer by job

Data Expansion (Data Change Table)

DESIGN-R-LABELS can improve the appearance and readability of your signs and labels by converting codes that are typically found in POS and Back-Office systems into words or phrases that customers easily understand. See the following examples:

  • A code “0 or 1” to represent WIC eligible or not; 0 = Not Eligible, 1 = WIC eligible in your data file to “WIC” or nothing in the field if not eligible.
  • California Bottle Deposit (Plus California Redemption Value, +CRV) typically stores as 1 or 0 or Y or N in the POS or Back-Office file.  DESIGN-R-LABELS reads it and puts +CRV in the DRL print file.
  • DESIGN-R-LABELS can also expand your product descriptions. Complete words will dramatically (at least 35% or more*) improve the readability of your signs and lead to increased sales and profits for your store. Examples of description expansions follow: 





*per JAMA study of abbreviations vs. spelling out words

Intelligent, If/Then Operations (Relation Editor)

  • The Relations editor enables you to insert intelligent, if/then, rules into your templates with ZERO coding! This functionality will dramatically reduce the number of templates that you have to create and more importantly, support in the months and years ahead.
  • The Relation Editor in DESIGN-R-LABELS enables you to create “if/then” statements in your templates without any coding.
  • Create as many Relations as needed per template.
  • Relations dramatically reduce the number of templates that you need to create. Most customers see a reduction of 75% in the number of templates needed compared to their previous label-printing system.
  • The reduction in the number of templates that must be maintained greatly reduces your support time and cost.
  • Relations enable you to print different-looking templates (although they are the same template) on the same page.
    • This reduces the number of wasted labels and talkers on a page at the end of a print job.
    • The reduction of waste makes your cost to print per tag lower.
  • Combining multiple templates into a single template reduces the time that your personnel must stand in front of a printer watching it print so that they can change stock every few minutes.
  •  Combining templates reduces the number of stocks that you must maintain and track usage saving hundreds if not thousands of dollars in tag stock reduction.

Following is a sample of two shelf talkers “Every Day Low Price” and a “Temporary Price Reduction” both are printed from a single template using if/then statement created with the Relation Editor. By printing different talkers or labels on the same page, you eliminate redundant stock, reduce stock waste from partly used pages, and more importantly, greatly reduce labor “manning” a printer changing stock from one type to another.

The sample shelf labels shown here are printed with a single template. One set of relations controls whether the retail price is printed in the Yellow Price Box or not. In this example, the relation is testing the department. If the department is the “HBA” department, the store needs a narrower label so all the data prints to the left of the Yellow Box.  In the Yellow Box the words “Tear Off” are printed with arrows pointing to a perforation in the label that enables the user to hang a narrow shelf label from the same page as wide labels.  If the department is not “HBA” the entire label is used. This eliminates creating two separate batches in your POS or back-office system and running both of those batches through a printer and the user no longer must stand in front of the printer to change out stock from wide labels to small labels. 

The next set of relations in this example is for the color bar. Some stores use one color of label for grocery and different colors for other departments or DSD labels or in some cases different colors for different suppliers. In this example, a relation tests for the department or the vendor (depending on need) is created and prints the required color bar (using a color laser printer) to match the supplier or department. 

The tags can be printed in color order, sub-ordered by department, sub-ordered by UPC number or any order needed.

Printed Samples here

Data Synching

  • As DESIGN-R-LABELS reads data, it can store that data in its internal database depending on management preferences.
  • DESIGN-R-LABELS can be set to automatically read POS or Back-Office data and update its data to match the data in the POS and/or Back-Office system.
  • DESIGN-R-LABELS can read a POS/Back-Office or any third-party data file and update its internal data file to match.
  • DESIGN-R-LABELS has Filters built-in to display various lists of data such as:
    • Imported Items
    • Items that had data changes such as price, size, etc.
    • Items whose compare item has changed such as House Brands
    • More

House Brand Marketing

Promoting House brand products is a win-win-win; (1) a win for the customer who benefits from the lower price point and perceives your store as more competitive, (2) a win for the retailer as House brands are typically higher margin items than National brands, (3) and a win for the Wholesaler that is selling more of their higher margin items than lower margin National brands.  The problem – House brand items have fairly stable pricing. National brand prices change on a regular basis. So, if you put a sign in front of a House-branded item to show the savings against its National brand item, you risk having an incorrect sign when the National brand item goes on sale or TPR. The solution is DESIGN-R-LABELS.
  •  DESIGN-R-LABELS can ease the job of making signs for House brand products compared against their National brand competitor.
  • You can link a House brand product to any National brand item that you wish.
  •  DESIGN-R-LABELS tracks the National brand price changes. When its price changes, it flags the linked House branded item.
    • Using the Filter function, you can view all House brand items that have been flagged.
    • You can then either print new signs or pull the old out-of-date signs in front of the House brands.
DESIGN-R-LABELS can compare the price of an item against the price of an item to which you link it. This enables you to link a House Brand item to its National Brand Comparison item. Once linked, it stays linked until you change it. House brands seldom change prices compared to the price changes that happen to a national brand item. National brands are going on and off specials, on and off TPR, etc. When you “click” the House Brand Filter in Data Items, the filter will display the House Branded Items whose linked national Brand price changed. This enables you to easily note when it is time to change a sign on a House Brand that is compared to a national brand that has just gone on TPR or other price reduction.

QuickQ and N-Aisle Printing

  • Quickly print a sign or label just by entering the UPC or Reorder number. This assumes that you are using the option for DRL to store your product data within the application.
  • This option also supports (N-Aisle Printing) scanning an item in the aisle. Once the item is scanned, you have four options to print the requested sign, talker, or label.
    • Print to a printer in the store’s office, laser, and/or desktop roll printer(s). It can print in the order scanned.
      • Great solution for a small store
    • Print to a mobile or “belt” printer that you are wearing in the aisle.
      • DRL prints a label on belt printers that looks just like the label that is printed on a laser printer. Most competitive systems print a “temporary” label which means you must make a second trip down the aisle to replace the temporary label.
    • Print to one or more roll printers on a RTI Powered Mini Cart. This cart can support up to four or more desktop roll printers.
      • Now you can print multiple label and talker types in a single pass down the aisle. Plus, desktop roll printers carry a much bigger roll than belt printers, meaning fewer roll changes and cheaper labels.
    • Print to a RTI PowerCart that can support desktop roll printers (for shelf labels and shelf talkers) and a laser printer for sign printing.
      • Print shelf labels, shelf talkers, and signs in a single pass down the aisle.

Not all features are in every version of DESIGN-R-LABELS On-Line purchased - Essential, Preferred, or Creative.