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Simplify your support nightmares with a single program that can nimbly handle your in-house sign and label printing needs and yet is still flexible enough to satisfy the needs of your “independent” retailers. Whether your operation has ten stores or ten thousand stores, DESIGN-R-LABELS is flexible by module and scalable to meet your needs. The system features the retail industries most powerful design program coupled with the most flexible in-store printing solutions available. 

DESIGN-R-LABELS for Wholesalers

Solution Overview:

Wholesalers often face many unique challenges. First, they have their own sign and bar-code label printing needs. Second, they support many retailers that need printing solutions that will solve the needs of their stores. Frequently, these independent retailers have widely varying POS Scanning and back-room computer applications.

One of the many distinct advantages customers of the DESIGN-R-LABELS family of sign and label printing applications for the wholesaler and their customers is the software comes built-in with interfaces into more that forty POS and Back-Office applications. Of course, this is in addition to the ability to read data from standard ASCII data files, such as fixed, delimited, and/or ODBC compliant. Options also exist for reading SQL and other proprietary formats.

To support the Wholesalers’ need to print signs and bar-coded shelf labels for distribution to their stores, DESIGN-R-LABELS has the ability to sort and print data by sub-group, for example you may sort by store and/or template type. In addition, its ability to print to an array of printers and multiple trays per printer allows unattended printing of large jobs.