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There are various types of training that we provide. Installation and training for simple tasks like, how to design templates and print only requires one day for most users. However, training for more in-depth technical aspects, like configuring intelligent templates and control features may take up to several days. Ultimately, our goal is to make sure that all DESIGN-R-LABELS end-users demonstrate an adequate understanding of how to maximize the software capabilities to assure the best ROI.

Remote online installation & training by Retail Technologies, Inc.

Training Overview:

  • On-site Training: Many customers tell us they prefer on-site training because they believe their employees get more out of it. We have often found this to be the case as well. On-site, our trainers can get a better understanding of the environment and can get faster feedback from the person we are training which allows us to determine if the trainee is understanding everything we are teaching.
  • Online Training: Many customers choose online training because of the flexibility in scheduling that it affords. Because it is online, there is no travel time involved. Usually, we can schedule these installs sooner than on-site because we only have to allow for actual installation and training time. So, a one-day install actually only takes one day of our time instead of the one day plus travel. Second, we can break up the installation and training over multiple days if necessary. This enables the trainee to still be able to get their work done as well as train with us.
  • Additional Training: We offer additional training or refresher training sessions by the day or by the hour.
  • New Hire Training: The retail industry is known for having high employee turn-over. This makes ensuring that your current employees are adequately trained challenging. We recommend that additional training always be purchased for new hires.
  • Refresher Training: We recommend refresher training every 2-3 years to ensure that you are getting most from your DESIGN-R-LABELS software investment.

Technical Specs:

  • High speed internet connection required for online training
  • Purchase by the day rate or by the hourly rates
  • Training purchased by the day can be scheduled in short sessions over several days