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There are many different kinds of professional services that we offer. Our technicians are available by appointment for refresher training, new hire training, re-installs, template design, and of course technical support. 

Professional Shelf-Edge Services:

  • Consulting: Our knowledgeable team of shelf-edge specialist can help you assess your business and let you know what is needed  for your retail company  to implement a complete in-store marketing solution that increase sales and productivity and improve your overall image at the same time.
  • Project Management: Don’t have project manager or simply don’t have time to manage a new project? We will be happy to provide this professional service for you.
  • Custom Shelf-Edge Solutions: Anyone who has been in the retail industry for any length of time knows that retailers face unique challenges from time to time. Over the past 30 years our team professionals has helped thousands of retailers with not only finding custom solutions to these resolve these issues, but in some cases also helped them to cut costs by reducing waste and being more efficient.
  • Outsource Printing: We understand that some retailers just don’t have office space or room for extra equipment like large printers.  Outsource printing makes more since for these retailers. Simply send us your data and we send you your printed signs and labels ready for display. No software or hardware to purchase, install, or maintain!
  • Custom Media Production: Have you always wanted to give your store a more personal touch? Maybe you want to stand out from the competition, or perhaps you would like to get a better price on your current stock. The RTI Media Specialist can tell you everything you need to know about making your custom signage or label ideas a reality. See custom media for further information.

 Professional Technical Services:

  • Additional Training: We offer additional training or refresher training sessions by the day or by the hour. We recommend that additional training always be purchased for new hires, and refresher training every 2-3 years to ensure that you are getting most from your DESIGN-R-LABELS software investment.
  • Template Design: RTI technicians are available by appointment to assist you with creating professional templates with all the functions and automation capabilities that you require. (Hourly rates apply)
  • FREE Template Design: Retailers who use DESIGN-R-LABELS and purchase sign and/or label media from RTI or qualify for one complementary template per media type designed by an RTI technician. (Software Support and Maintenance coverage is required)
  • Reinstall: Most companies need to have their software reinstalled from time to time. Whether it be because you have upgraded your computer hardware or because your computer was infected by the latest virus, our technicians can assist.
  • Database Recovery: We can replace corrupted files, but the data that was in the corrupted files will be lost and replaced with backed up information. If no backup exists, corrupted files will be replaced by demo files.
  • Customization and Modifications: Need modifications or a special function but you don’t know how or simply don’t have time to write code? Don’t worry, we have people who can do it for you.
  • Building a new Import Type and/or Mapping: Our professional can make sure all of your images, clip art, and logos are imported and properly mapped to the correct data.
  • Re-interfacing: Thinking of switching to a new POS System or Back Office DSD? Our professionals will  make sure your new scanning system re-interfaces seamlessly with your DRL software.
  • Technical Support: Our customer acclaimed technical support team is available Monday-Friday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM CST by calling our US toll free line 1-800-277-4277 or 1+251-666-5151. Calls are answered in the order in which they are received. You may also ask a technical support question via email by sending it to (You must also be under maintenance to receive an answer to an email support question.) See support and maintenance for more information.


Technical Specs:

• High-Speed Internet – We can set up a Bomgar meeting