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Take Technology to the Shelf-Edge

mobile workstations for retailers

The RTI MiniCart is a mobile workstation that allows retailers to take technology to the shelf edge. So that they can print shelf talkers, replace labels, and mark down items right in front of the item in the aisle. This compact workstation is ideal for any size retail store, and affordable enough for almost any budget. Retailers who have adopted mobile printing practices report up to a 90-percent reduction in labeling errors. Additionally, some retailers have reported an annual reduction in labor costs by up to 10k per mobile worker! Download the RTI MiniCart brochure to learn more.

Mobility, Efficiency, & Affordability!

This light weight, compact mobile workstation is ideal for powering a laptop or tablet, barcode printer, and scanner for eight plus hours at a time. At the end of use, simply plug your cart into a standard wall outlet to recharge. The RTI MiniCart comes standard with 5″ locking casters, push handles, integrated power system and six outlet power strip. A number of optional accessories are available and can be easily integrated in seconds for a highly versatile workstation.

Cut Labor Waste Costs!
The RTI MiniCart with slide-out tray
RTI MiniCart
Improve Customer Employee Satisfaction!



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