Two Programs Combined

Simplify & Automate

with the added function to enhance data

PrintLab Suite brings together the advanced automation capabilities and one-click printing of PrintLab with the simplicity of FlashPrint to bring retailers the most user friendly solution for printing signs, labels, replacement tags and much more at the store level. PrintLab Suite offers a new level of functionality to PrintLab and FlashPrint’s capability with the added functionality to store and recall enhanced data.

Make Pharmacy Signs & Labels with easy to use software by RTI.


A New Level of Functionality

to retailers printing at the store level

Just like PrintLab, PrintLab Suite allows you to use desktop short cuts or bat files for one-click printing of any shelf tags and sale signs that you designed in DESIGN-R-LABELS. You have the ability to sort sign data, designate sign stock to print from any tray of any printer that you have installed on that computer or on the network, and set up print notifications for your batch. PrintLab Suite, however, has the ability to store data to complement printing of sign and label batches. PrintLab Suite includes Flashprint, which allows you to print quick sale signs or shelf tags on an ad-hoc basis using stored descriptive data. Printing weekly price changes whether from a corporate office, wholesaler and/or a local POS or DSD-receiving system should be as simple as clicking an icon. 

improve your image




Retail signage needs replacing as signs become soiled and torn. FlashPrint offers the user the ability to select a template, enter data, preview and print the appropriate signs(s). PrintLab Suite simplifies this process even further. Now the user can simply, select a template, and enter a UPC. The DCM recalls and completes all data fields on the sign. Management no longer has to worry about mistyped prices or incorrect descriptions.


This labor saving powerful print engines ability to merge a data file with a DESIGN-R-LABELS template is built in to the PrintLab Suite. 


Missing elements and insufficient product information can be frustrating for customers and can tarnish your image. Unfortunately the data provided by most POS systems is strictly for utility and is not exactly customer friendly. With our Data Compliment Module (DCM) you can store product data that you have corrected or enhanced. The DCM operates behind the scenes to retrieve and supplement the missing, insufficient, and/or enhanced data you have entered into our software making your signs and labels clean, professional, and easy to read.

RTI Laser printer icon by Connie Madden

PrintLab Suite is quickly becoming the most commonly installed instance of our family of sign and label printing software. Printlab Suite is typically used with an RTI approved laser class printer at the store level to print signs and shelf tags. 

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