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Printing price changes are a necessity, but how can it be simplified and automated? PrintLab is the solution for you. PrintLab is a print engine that merges a data file with templates created in DESIGN-R-LABELS. PrintLab is a powerful print engine that can be used in conjunction with the DESIGN-R-LABELS family of products.


Keep it Simple

PrintLab allows you to use desktop shortcuts or bat files for one-click printing of any shelf tags and sale signs that you designed in DESIGN-R-LABELS.

Flexible Printing

PrintLab’s flexibility also is frequently used by POS or hosting systems in two situations. First it can be used with handheld devices (FM units) that create tag requests using their handheld device. This request can then be printed. Alternatively, the customer may complement this data with data contained in the Data Compliment Module (optional item). Secondly, PrintLab can be used seamlessly as the print engine for many POS and/or backdoor DSD/receiving systems. These systems offer the ability to call and/or execute command line, which seamlessly activates PrintLab with a single keystroke from within the POS system. This simplicity eliminates employee keystrokes and saves valuable training time.

Multi-Store Printing

Multi-Store printing at a single location can be accomplished easily with PrintLab. The command line driven functionality of this module offers amazing time and labor savings in this environment. Assign shelf-talkers, shelf labels, and signs to a specific printer and specific tray. The software will separate and print these out in store order placing a separator page noting “store x” in between each store’s printed tags and signs. The user can open PrintLab and view the data file to be printed or the process can be simplified further. Because this module is command-line driven an icon can be placed on the desktop that will allow for a simple click and print method, therefor allowing the employee to make more efficient use of their time.

Point of Need Printing

In the store, PrintLab can be used with DESIGN-R-LABELS to automate print routines. Create sign and label templates with the design software built into DESIGN-R-LABELS. PrintLab can then be used to read your data files. Such as wholesaler price change file, POS file, hand-held PDA file, etc. It then merges the data with the template and automates the print routine by simply clicking an icon.

In-store Printing

PrintLab is typically used to print signs and shelf tags at the store level. It allows you to use desktop shortcuts or bat files for one-click printing of any shelf tags and sale signs that you designed in DESIGN-R-LABELS. With PrintLab, you have the ability to sort your sign data, designate sign stock to print from any tray of any printer that you have installed on that computer or on your network, and set up print notifications for your batch.

Make professional supermarket signs & gondola shelf labels with DESIGN-R-LABELS.

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