Products Engineered to Work Together, from Software to Shelf-Edge!

In order to supply RTI end users with a complete in-store marketing solution, all of the printers and consumables sold by RTI go through rigorous testing to ensure compatibility with all the types of media that we sell. RTI products were engineered to work together from software to shelf-edge!


Window signs and banners are a great way to advertise your sales and specials to your customers. DESIGN-R-LABELS with LARGEformat and a Plotter is all you will need to create great looking poster size signs and/or banners that will draw your customers in. 

RTI Laser printer icon by Connie Madden


The DESIGN-R-LABELS family of software is compatible with most all monochrome and color laser printers. However, choosing a laser printer that is compatible with heavy materials like sign and label stock can be tricky. You can avoid a potential disaster by purchasing your laser printer, toner, and media from RTI.


Desktop Thermal Printers are cost-efficient, low maintenance roll-fed printers that enable retailers to print a single label or tag without wasting an entire sheet of conventional labels. Because Thermal printers use heat to transfer the print there are no toners or image drums to constantly replace. Choose from Direct Thermal or Thermal Transfer. Speak to an RTI specialist to find out which is best suited for your business.


Mobile printers can be a powerful tool for retailers looking to drive down labor costs. These portable, printers allow you to eliminate wasted steps by printing at the point of need. They can be worn clipped to a belt or strap for easy, convenient access. Take your printing to the point of need with a mobile printer used in conjunction with N-AISLE PRINTING and DESIGN-R-LABELS and you will be well on your way to achieving ultimate efficiency.


RTI is committed to keeping the cost of consumables as low as possible without sacrificing quality for our retailers. We offer a variety of low-cost OKI Data and Lexmark OEM consumables as well as several Lexmark Compatible Toners. All Lexmark compatible toner cartridges are new, never recycled or refilled, and are 100% legal and Lexmark IP compliant. All of our Lexmark Compatible toners include a retail sign and label wiper assembly kit, especially for retailers printing large volumes of in-store signage and shelf-labels.