Achieve Ultimate Efficiency

by printing at the point of need

As labor costs continue to rise, retailers are looking for more ways to drive costs out of their operations, without sacrificing customer service or employee satisfaction. Printing shelf labels, shelf talkers, and signage in the aisle, at the point of need, will accomplish both of these tasks. Printing in the aisle eliminates wasted steps, and keeps personnel on the floor, so they are available for customer service.

Grocery store employee using N-Aisle Printing by RTI


Print at the Point of Need

N-AISLE PRINTING combined with the advanced automation capabilities of DESIGN-R-LABELS brings a high level of efficiency to printing replacement shelf labels and shelf talkers, allowing retailers to increase productivity, reduce waste, and stimulate sales.

no more temporary "band-aid" tags

With the introduction of wearable mobile printers and handheld PDA computers, retailers finally have a solution to printing replacement tags and talkers without wasting an entire sheet of labels. However, mobile printers alone, without the proper software to drive them, have limited capabilities when it comes to graphics, fonts, sizing, and spacing. This makes duplicating labels printed with conventional laser printers virtually impossible. As a solution to this problem, many retailers resort to printing a temporary tag in the aisle and then come back later to replace it with a permanent label printed with a laser printer. This “band-aid” method not only creates a new inefficiency, it also disrupts continuity and the overall look and feel of quality in your store. DESIGN-R-LABELS with the N-AISLE PRINTING option is the solution that retailers around the world have been seeking. No more need for the temporary “band-aid” tag!

N-Aisle Printing System with Zebra Mobile Printers and scanner

Unlike the proprietary software that comes with mobile printers, DESIGN-R-LABELS and N-Aisle Printing can use any font, font size, barcode size, and formatting rules to provide a label that looks identical to labels that are printed on a laser printer. “Belt or Hip” printers print “temporary” shelf tags that require you at some point to, locate the item again and hang a permanent tag, which eliminates much of the labor savings. The tags printed with the N-Aisle Printer will have virtually the same shelf life as tags printed by your laser printer.

As part of the RTI complete in-store marketing solution and for further convenience to our retailers, we have several options of thermal labels with matching sheet labels stocked and ready to be shipped today.  You can view our complete inventory of Direct Thermal & Thermal Transfer labels for desktop and mobile printers, as well as standard sign stock, labels, shelf talkers, and laser printer consumables at www.rtiSigns.com.


Thermal labels with matching sheet labels


Every Step has a Price!

The RTI rechargeable PowerCart allows associates to remain on the sales floor where they are needed most! 

Mobile printing is no longer limited to “hip printers,” which only allowed for printing labels or small shelf talkers. Now, laser printers can also be implemented in the aisle, using an RTI PowerCart. This solution provides retailers the ability to print larger signage (e.g. 8.5” x 11”) in monochrome or color, directly where it is needed. Whether you choose to eliminate the back office with RTI’s entire N-AISLE PRINTING system, or only implement mobile belt printers, one thing is certain, eliminating steps, saves money! Every Step Has a Price!


Reduce countless steps walking from aisle to printer and back.


Errors can be corrected immediately when they are noticed.


Sales associates never leave the sales floor unattended.


Print a label, TPR, talker and/or signs right in front of the product.

Start Saving Steps Today!