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It is very important to keep your software investment covered by our support and maintenance plan to ensure that your software is always up to date and that bugs fixes are applied as they arise. 

Software Support & Maintenance Agreement Overview:

The annual Software Support & Maintenance fee is nominal when you consider what you are getting. It not only covers one-on-one technical support if you have a technical issue, it also covers round the clock maintenance. Our team is constantly working to keep your software current and free from bugs. When you are covered under maintenance you will get free software updates¹ and bug fixes along with an optional email when a new update has been issued with a detailed description of what the update has enhanced and directions of how to use it. This can be extremely beneficial if you have multiple employees using the software.

What if my Coverage has Lapsed? Don’t worry, an RTI shelf-edge specialist can get you re-instated or you can opt to use our professional services by the hour. Call 1-800-277-4277 to speak with a specialist for more information.

♦ Please note, professional services or fees cannot be billed. These fees must be paid in full, meaning funds have cleared, before you will have access to a Technical Specialist. This can be extremely inconvenient in times of crisis. 

We hope that you will take advantage of our Software Support and Maintenance benefits, like free updates and discounted prices on new software versions. But mostly we hope that it gives you peace of mind to know that in the event that an issue arises, you will have the support that’s needed to get you back up and running. It is our intent that you don’t incur any issues with RTI’s software, but if you should, we request that you promptly call our technical department at 1-800-277-4277, so that we might be able to resolve the situation as soon as possible.

Maintenance Plan Benefits:

  • Flat rate of $100.00 per license for re-installs from back up 
  • Support via email correspondence 
  • Trouble shooting and support for hardware purchased from RTI. (Printers, scanners, power carts, and PDA’s)
  • Bug fixes
  • Software updates with optional email description
  • Net 30 invoicing is available for renewal if contract has not lapsed
  • Error Messages
By Request:

  • Adding Fields to existing Import Types and Mappings (limited)
  • Complementary form or template for sign/label stock bought from Retail Technologies, Inc. or
  • Setup a standard import shortcut for existing import types
  • Instructions for creating a  DESIGN-R-LABELS backup of your files

Support Overview:

RTI Technical Support Contacts:
Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
(800)277-4277 Opt. #4

Retail Technologies, Inc. knows how important it is that your DESIGN-R-LABELS software be fully operational. For those who are under a current agreement, call (251) 666-5151 or (800) 277-4277 for technical support. Your technical support calls will be answered in the order they are received.

You may also ask a technical support question via email by sending it to (You must also be under maintenance to receive an answer to an email support question.)

If you have allowed your maintenance agreement to expire, you may reinitialize the maintenance by paying a small fee. Contact your Retail Technologies, Inc. Account Manager for details and pricing information.

Printer Support:

Customers who have purchased software and a printer from RTI, and have a maintenance plan in good standing, get the added benefit of technical support from the RTI Technical Support Team for assistance with printer issues and settings in addition to software support. 

Troubleshoot Before Calling For Printer Technical Support:

  • Can you print from any other program on your computer to the printer in question?
  • Can you print from any other computer to the printer in question?
  • Does the display read “Ready”? If not, what does it say?
  • Have the cables attaching the printer to the computer become loose?
  • Do the cables have a short in them (temporarily replace the cables and see if that fixes the problem)?
Support for OKI  Data Printers:
Call: 1-800-OKIDATA (800)645-3282
Support for Lexmark Printers:
Call: 1-800-LEXMARK (800)539-6275
Support for Zebra Printers: 
Call: 1-877-275-9327