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Installing DESIGN-R-LABELS is more complex than just loading the software from the CD. It involves interfacing DESIGN-R-LABELS with the customer’s POS system or other data source, then configuring DESIGN-R-LABELS operational capabilities to adequately perform complex functions the way each customer desires.  Because our installations are based on your Point of Sale system and your specific needs, there is no single setup solution that works for everyone. Our team of professionals will work diligently with you to make sure that DRL’s design and automation features are customized to satisfy the unique needs of your company.

DESIGN-R-LABELS Software Installation

Installation Overview:

Things you will need before installation and training:

1. Sign & label media: You will need to have several blank sheets of each type of media you will using in your stores on hand  before your scheduled installation and training time.

      ♦ If you do not have sign and label media stocked on hand, you can purchase media at now. 

      ♦ Need help deciding what types of signs and shelf labels are best suited for your needs? Call 1-800-277-4277 now, an RTI Media Specialist is readily available to help you. 

      ♦ If you do have media on hand or plan to use media from a source other than RTI or, we will need at least 5 blank sample sheets of each, as well as 1 sheet with your current printed data. All of your samples should be flat, unfolded and complete sheets without any missing labels. 

2. Laser class printer or printer rated for printing signs and labels: Your printer should be hooked up and ready to print prior to your scheduled installation and training time.

       ♦ Not all printers are created equal. Especially when it comes to printing on heavy materials like card stock signage and/or vinyl or composite label materials. If you’re not sure if your laser printer is rated for printing signs and labels, contact your RTI shelf-edge specialist at 1-800-277-4277 more information.

       ♦ RTI sells laser printers as part of our complete in-store marketing solution that have been thoroughly tested for compatibility with our sign and label media. If you purchased your media and printer from an RTI shelf-edge specialist, you are good to go!

        ♦ Need to purchase a printer? Go to and order one now. Or, call a RTI shelf-edge specialist at 1-800-277-4277 to order by phone.

3. Any other hardware required based on the software purchased: 

 Specs & Requirements:

  • High speed internet connection 
  • Laser Printer 
  • Other Hardware Required (based on type of software)
  • On-hand Sign & Label Media 
  • Sample Media Sent to RTI
  • Please mail your sign and label media samples to;

          RTI Technical Support Team
         1109 I-65 Commerce Dr.
          Mobile, AL 3660