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With minimum wages and employee turnovers on the rise, retailers around the world are resorting to handwritten signage and labels, or worse forgoing signage altogether, due to costly training required for most professional printing software. Handwritten signage is inconsistent in quality and accuracy, and can also be labor intensive. FLASHPRINT eliminates the need for costly training on professional sign printing software.

Retail Signs Fly off the printer with FLASHPRINT


Simple User Interface

The FLASHPRINT user interface consists of only two screens, the data entry and print screens which makes it extremely user-friendly!


The data entry screen allows the selection of the sign template (the fields that appear in the data entry screen are dependent on the fields that are on the sign template being used), enter product information for the sign and finally send the item to the print screen or add to a print queue. The print queue is useful when printing signs on a multiple-up stock (Ex. A 4-up, 4 signs on a page). This allows FlashPrint to store the signs in the queue until the user is ready to print. The operator can then use all four signs on the stock greatly reducing sign and label stock waste. One-up signs can be sent directly to the print screen or to the queue.

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The print screen provides a preview of the sign or signs to be printed eliminating wasted stock. The operator can see exactly what the sign will look like when printed including the background image of the sign stock. The top left pane of the print screen displays a list of the signs to be printed. By clicking on any of the signs in the left-hand column a preview of that sign will be displayed in the right-hand pane. The bottom left pane displays a list of print control options. “Start Row” and “Start Column” is useful when sending a sheet of shelf-talkers or labels back through the printer to reduce material waste.

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Enter and Edit Data

Preview and Print

FLASHPRINT is used almost exclusively at the store level in conjunction with DESIGN-R-LABELS and Printlab Suite. FLASHPRINT gives you the convenience of being able to print any sign or label that exists in DESIGN-R-LABELS without having to load an entire label batch for printing. The software has the ability to access the DESIGN-R-LABELS stored item database. This gives you the added convenience of being able to modify and improve existing descriptions or add missing information so you can print out more professional looking signs and labels.

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