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DESIGN-R-LABELS is the retail sign maker and barcode label printing software that allows retailers create engaging in-store signs and labels with accuracy and ease. The advanced automation capabilities of DESIGN-R-LABELS allows retailers to reduce waste and increase productivity. While the design features enhance the customer experience. Get ready to take your in-store marketing and shelf-edge advertising to new levels and watch your bottom line grow!

Features that Drive Sales!


Promote house brands with House Plus. This industry-leading feature that can track price changes in national brands vs. house brands. DESIGN-R-LABELS enables the retailer to calculate and print savings such as Regular Price vs. Sale Price and/or Your Price vs. Competitor(s). DESIGN-R-LABELS will also calculate unit pricing to meet any federal, state or local statue. Of course, all of this capability is under a multi-level username/password control system. 

Produce signs created with DESIGN-R-LABELS


Take your in-store signage up a notch

Take your signage up a notch and watch your bottom grow. Studies show that on average, one additional sign results in a 4.75% annual sales increase. By enhancing your shelf-edge signage with colorful graphics or additional product information, such as nutritional facts, your customers are 68% more likely to make the decision to purchase a product. 

The advanced capabilities of DESIGN-R-LABELS enable retailers to incorporate product attributes, like the place of origin, nutritional facts, product pictures, and much more.

Advanced Automation Capabilities!

Features that reduce waste and increase productivity

  • Intelligent Templates
  • Auto Size Fit to Field Descriptions
  • Auto Size Fit to Field Prices
  • Unit Price Calculations
  • Product Price Comparison
  • Create 1D and 2D Barcodes
  • Manage and Control Print Jobs
  • Print in Planogram Order
  • Multi-level Username Password Control
Retail product labels with DESIGN-R-LABELS capabilities featured

What Drives DRL?


The Import engine makes it easy to get the data necessary to print signs and labels. The Import Engine has the ability to read data from more than forty POS Scanning systems and Back-Room/DSD applications. Plus, the capability to read data from ASCII and ODBC compliant data files. This ensures that DESIGN-R-LABELS will be compatible for years to come.


The Design Module is the industry leader from the accuracy of the on-screen template design module to printed output. It allows you to incorporate product attributes, like product pictures, company logo, nutritional facts, and much more. Create of powerful, intelligent signage that moves merchandise off the shelf and into the shopping basket.  


The Print Engine enables complete automation of a print job so that your employees no longer have to monitor the job. Thus freeing up your employee time for more productive pursuits, like customer service. The print engine is built-in to the application or can be installed separately as part of a multi-store implementation.

Choose Your Version



DESIGN-R-LABELS Home Office is used in conjunction with PrintLab for  corporate chain-store environments  to maintain control of pricing, continuity, branding, and overall company image.


DESIGN-R-LABELS for Independents enables the independent grocer to have complete control of how, what, when, and how many signs and labels are printed for their store.


Single store operations and small franchises sometimes opt for the limited features version of the DESIGN-R-LABELS family with DESIGN-R-LABELS Store Edition.

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