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Retailers can now create and print signs, labels, and shelf talkers online with design-R-labels WEB. Subscribers have access to over 900,000 high-quality product images that allow them to gain a competitive advantage. By adding visually stimulating product pictures to signs and/or labels you will improve the overall customer experience.  Businesses of all sizes can increase consistency and boost sales with our new web-based interface. No software to buy, install or support. The power to grow your bottom line is now online!

design-R-labels WEB

It's All About Your Image

Include product images on your signs and labels and improve your image!

Industry studies show that at least 75% of in-store purchases are impulse driven. What triggers those impulses? SIGNS! Signs that are visually stimulating are much more likely to trigger an impulse buy. Boost your sales by incorporating product images to your in-store signage and shelf labels. Product image advertising will enable you to gain a competitive advantage and improve your overall store image! 

Why DRL Web?

The same proven and profitable platform that DESIGN-R-LABELS
users know and love reformatted in a user-friendly web interface!

  • No software to buy, install or support
  • No expensive in-depth training
  • Access to over 900,000 product images
  • Create and print labels, shelf talkers and signs up to 11" x 17"
  • Use data from ASCII files and Excel Files
  • Compatible with over 40 POS and Back Office systems
  • Scalable services for retail businesses of all sizes

Product Image Perks

Print product image based signs and labels for all of your merchandise, including DSD items, and watch items go from shelf to cart!

  • Visually Stimulating
  • Reduces Confusion
  • Language Neutral
  • Quicker Restocking
  • Reduces Out-of-Stock Merchandise
  • Improves Store Image
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