Implement an In-store Marketing Plan

just like the big corporate stores!

We understand that new businesses and small retailers want a simple solution for creating and printing shelf labels and signage. So, we created a program especially for single-stores and small multi-store operations. Liquor, Convenience, and family-owned stores across the U.S. use DESIGN-R-LABELS Store Edition to design and/or modify their in-store signage and labels. This easy to use program allows you to create and print everything from small HBA tags to large window bannersNow, with a single program, small businesses can print in the store, office, and/or N-Aisle just like the big corporate stores!

Small retail business owner uses DESIGN-R-LABELS Store Edition


DESIGN-R-LABELS Store Edition Features


The Design Module is the industry leader from the accuracy of the on-screen template design module to printed output. Features like drag and drop, object inspector, relation editor and many more will allow you to create powerful, intelligent signage. Keep your customers engaged by inserting product pictures, nutrition facts, and/or your company logo. Take your sign designing capabilities up a notch and watch merchandise fly off the shelf and into the shopping basket!


The Import engine makes it easy to get the data necessary to print signs and labels. It can read your data and hand it to the print engine for immediate printing. Or, if you prefer to print later, it will insert the data into the built-in Database Manager.  This import engine has the ability to read data from more than forty POS Scanning systems and Back-Room/DSD applications. In addition to the ability to read data from ASCII and ODBC compliant data files. So, regardless which POS system you have today or next year your DESIGN-R-LABELS software can be upgraded to your new POS system.

Smart sign and label printing for chain store retailers


The print engine, PrintLab, merges your data with the forms and templates created in the design module to print laser sharp shelf labels and signage. PrintLab can be used in two modes, menu driven or command line driven. The menu-driven operation allows you to print price changes, batches and select multiple UPCs for the items that need signs. The Command line operation is excellent for tasks such as automating repetitive printing tasks and for integration into other applications.