Sign and Label Printing Solutions

for Independent Retailers

DESIGN-R-LABELS for Independents is the software choice of independent retailers and IGA banner stores around the globe. This easy-to-use sign and label printing system enables independent retailers to quickly and easily present the desired message to their customers with professional, image enhancing signs. The software comes in different models, modules, and architecture to fit the need of any size store from one checkout to one hundred. DESIGN-R-LABELS for Independents incorporates many of DRL’s original advanced automation capabilities, while enabling independent retailers to have complete control of how, what, when, and how many signs, labels, and shelf talkers are printed for their store. 

DESIGN-R-LABELS for Independents used by Liquor Stores

The best way to communicate messages to customers is with in-store signage.

It would be great if there were enough profit margin in the store that you could afford to greet each and every customer that walked through the door and personally escort them through the store, pointing out new products, health advantages of specific products, price advantages, and so on. However, the margin for the vast majority of retailers does not support this method of operation. The best way to communicate messages to the customer is with in-store signage. Timely, professional signage enables the store to educate and influence the buying habits of the consumer.

Of course, how to get timely, accurate, and professional looking signage in the store is the need. Many of today’s Point-Of-Sale systems come with a generic sign or label printing application, most with very limited functionality. The successful independent retailer needs to move past this basic functionality and on to a professional system designed exclusively for retailers that can support the advanced functions and capabilities needed to enable the store to communicate their message in a clear, timely, cost-effective way.

Industry leading functionality such as the most advanced design module (you actually use your product data while designing, not fake item information or even worse field names) enable the retailer to create unique, artfully designed signs and bar-coded labels to better communicate with the customer. Many other features in the system allow you to print signs and labels more quickly, professionally and cost-effectively.

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