DESIGN-R-LABELS has many benefits for your store.  The “Data Change Table” can read codes and abbreviations in your data systems and convert the codes to sign-ready data, while leaving your data intact. The “Relation Editor” can also radically reduce the number of templates needed for a print job by the use of intelligent templates created with ZERO coding. These templates will then make “if/then” decisions as your data is being processed onto signs and labels.
One of our customers, Mark Kemp, IT Director for Riesbeck’s Food Markets in Ohio, said that “DESIGN-R-LABELS v4 changed their sign and label printing from a daily task to a bullet point!”  Let us do the same for you and your store.  In addition to the tremendous speed of v4, one of the many features of DESIGN-R-LABELS that saved Mark so much time was using White stock and letting DESIGN-R-LABELS print the background image at the same time as the data (see images #1).  The increase in toner usage was more than offset in inventory and time savings.  This ability cut down on the number of different stocks that they needed to inventory (see image #2). It dramatically reduced the time to print. They no longer require an operator stand and monitor the print jobs, changing stock from one type to another, every day, forever.
If you are still using old-school vinyl, switching to our more cost-effective composite stock will increase your printing speed by another 35%.  To print vinyl labels, and make the toner adhere, most laser printers slow the speed of the print by 35% or more. Sometimes this slower speed can result in the vinyl melting and causing the stock to jam in the printer, destroying a fuser. or worse.  This speed reduction is not needed for composite stock. Bonus, our composite stock is usually cheaper than vinyl.  In addition, our composite stock is more than 80% biodegradable by weight. Vinyl will take more than 300+ years to degrade. 
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Riesbeck's Before & After

Get Your Employees Out of the Back Office and Onto the Sales Floor!

DESIGN-R-LABELS, the ultimate solution for signage and printing labels, allows you to automate your sign and label printing to a single click. No longer do your employees have to stand in front of the printer wasting time watching the printer every few minutes so they can change the stock from one type to another!

DESIGN-R-LABELS allows you to say goodbye to:
  • Wasted time waiting on preprinted signs and labels to arrive
  • Tags delivered to the wrong store 
  • Outdated Pricing on preprinted tags
  • Expensive weekly deliveries 
  • Eliminates labels for items not in your store 
  • Delayed price changes waiting on labels to arrive

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