The Most Efficient Sign & Label Printing Solution for Retailers

Reduce Labor Costs with the Complete N-AISLE Printing System by RTI

Reduce Rising Costs of Labor without Cutting the Labor!

"N-Aisle Printing, the RTI PowerCart and DESIGN-R-LABELS by RTI not only brings a high level of efficiency to sign and label, it also improves customer service and employee satisfaction."

~Greg Hall - President
Retail Technologies, Inc.

As labor costs continue to rise, retailers are looking for more ways to reduce labor costs without sacrificing customer service and employee satisfaction. Printing in-store signage, labels, and shelf talkers in the aisle, at the point of need will accomplish both of these tasks. Printing in the aisle eliminates wasted steps and keeps personnel on the floor, so they are available for customer service.

Bye, Bye Temporary "Band-Aid" Tag!

Mobile “hip or belt” printers are great for replacing a tag on the fly and reducing the waste of an entire sheet of labels. However, mobile printers alone, without the proper software to drive them, have limited capabilities when it comes to graphics, fonts, sizing and spacing. This makes duplicating labels printed with conventional laser printers virtually impossible. As a solution to this problem, many retailers resort to printing a temporary tag in the aisle and then come back later to replace it with a permanent label printer with a laser printer. This “band-aid” method not only creates a new in efficiency, but it also disrupts continuity and the overall impression of quality for your corporate image. Now, DESIGN-R-LABELS with N-Aisle Printing enables retailers to print shelf labels and shelf talkers that look just like labels printed with the laser printer.

Taking Technology to the Edge.

Mobile printing is no longer limited to “hip printers”, which only allowed for printing labels or small shelf talkers. Now, laser printers can also be implemented using a battery-powered cart. This solution provides retailers with the ability to print larger signage in monochrome or color, directly where it is going to be applied, the shelf-edge. For more information about monochrome and color laser printers rated for in-store retail signage and labels CLICK HERE.

Every Step Has a Price!

Whether you choose to take technology to the shelf-edge with the RTI PowerCart & N-Aisle Printing complete solution or only implement mobile belt printer, one thing is certain. Eliminating steps, saves money! Every Step Has a Price!

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