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RTI has been providing retailers with sign and label printing solutions for over 30 years. Our groundbreaking sign and label printing program, DESIGN-R-LABELS, combined with our sign and label media, printers, and supplies gives retailers everything needed to create engaging shelf-edge signage and product labels. The advanced automation capabilities of the DESIGN-R-LABELS family of software and hardware combined, with sign and label media engineered especially for retailers will help you increase productivity, lower operational costs, and improve your corporate image. Which makes it not just a sign and label printing program, but a complete in-store marketing solution! Totally integrated and data-driven, the DESIGN-R-LABELS family of software, hardware, and shelf media will eliminate countless human errors and save hours of wasted time designing signs and labels and managing printers. Now, with just a few clicks of the mouse, you can print bold eye-catching signage and shelf-edge labels in the office, store, and/or in the aisle with RTI’s complete in-store marketing solution!

Software & Products

We have thousands of customers using our DESIGN-R-LABELS Family of Products scattered across the retail spectrum including grocery stores, convenience stores, clothing stores, home decor stores, discount stores, and many more. With the DESIGN-R-LABELS family of products, you will be able to easily print barcode labels, shelf talkers, POP signs, and large format signage, posters and/or banners.


DESIGN-R-LABELS  is the cornerstone of the complete in-store marketing solution and for printing signage and labels with ultimate efficiency. With several software versions to choose from, there’s something for retailers of all sizes. From DESIGN-R-LABELS for Independents and DESIGN-R-LABELS Store Edition for single store operations and small chains to DESIGN-R-LABELS Home Office for larger chains with a corporate headquarters, there’s DRL software that’s right for you!


DESIGN-R-LABELS with the Large Format Printing option and a plotter enables retailers to cut out the middleman by printing large signs on site at the store location or home office. No need to pay expensive print shop prices or for outsourcing.  Create large high-impact signs, seasonal banners, window posters, pallet promo displays, aisle markers, and more.  Communicating with customers on a grand scale with RTI’s DIY Large Format Sign Printing Solution and Sell More Products!


The addition of FlashPrint to the DESIGN-R-LABELS family eliminates the need for in-depth software training for multiple employees. FlashPrint gives your users the convenience of being able to print with a pre-designed saved template in three easy steps. In five minutes or less employees will master the use of FlashPrint!  FlashPrint is used almost exclusively at the store level in conjunction with DESIGN-R-LABELS and Printlab Suite. Create and print in a flash!


PrintLab is a powerful print engine that can be used in conjunction with the DESIGN-R-LABELS family of products to simplify and automate day to day necessities, such as price changes and replacing tags. Chain stores can use PrintLab to maintain and control changes throughout all store locations from corporate headquarters. With the advanced automation capabilities of PrintLab you can merge data with a template created with DESIGN-R-LABELS and then click the icon to print.


Printlab Suite is quickly becoming the most popular addition to the DESIGN-R-LABELS family. PrintLab Suite offers the automation of PrintLab and the simplicity of FlashPrint, with the desired functionality for printing replacement tags, shelf talkers and signage. Printing weekly sales and price changes whether, from a corporate office, wholesaler and/or a local POS or DSD system should be as simple as clicking an icon. Now, with PrintLab Suite it is just that easy!


Over time, inefficient printing procedures will cost retailers thousands of hours of lost productivity. The RTI N-Aisle Printing Solution driven by DRL allows retailers to reduce operational costs and improve workflow by printing shelf-edge signage and labels in the aisle at the Point of Need!  Printing in the aisle with a portable thermal printer and/or the RTI PowerCart will eliminate countless wasted steps and keep personnel on the sales floor available to serve customers.


The RTI PowerCart is the next step to achieve ultimate efficiency. Retail associates around the world are wasting countless hours walking back and forth from the aisles to the back office to print signs and/or labels, with many distractions along the way that can result in costly mistakes or even accidents. The RTI PowerCart allows associates to print at the point of need, while never leaving the sales floor unattended. Don’t let rising minimum wages threaten your business. Reduce labor costs with a RTI PowerCart!


Create and print professional in-store signs and labels with accuracy and ease, just like the big corporations.


Offer your retailers the leading package on the market for automated signage and label printing.


Maintain branding and control pricing to your in-store signs and labels across all store locations.


Print your in-house signs and labels and satisfy the needs of your “independent” retailers with a single program.

According to a Signage Performance Study from The University of San Diego, one additional sign results in a 4.75 annual sales increase. By enhancing your shelf-edge signage with colorful graphics or additional product information such as nutritional facts or product pairings  your customers are 68% more likely to make the decision to purchase a product. Whether you choose from our pre-designed stock signage or decide to go with something completely custom, RTI can help you take your signage up a notch and grow your bottom line!




A Little More Custom?

Take your stores branding to the next level and stand out from the competition with custom signage, labels, and/or shelf talkers. Whether you are looking to design something brand new from scratch, or you are just looking to save a little money on your current media, RTI’s team of professionals will help you every step of the way! If you can dream it, we can print it!

In order to supply RTI end users with a complete in-store marketing solution, all of the printers and consumables sold by RTI go through rigorous testing to ensure compatibility with all the types of media that we sell. RTI products were engineered to work together from software to shelf-edge!





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