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Independent stores and dealers are the typical users of DESIGN-R-LABELS store edition. Like Printlab Suite, you can import and store data to complement while printing your sign and label batches. You can use desktop shortcuts or bat files to print out item batches automatically. You have the ability to print ad hoc signs and labels using Flashprint. However, you can also design and modify any sign or label from small HBA tags to window banners. DESIGN-R-LABELS store edition has the added functionality of being able to design or modify existing signs and labels.

DESIGN-R-LABELSse will lift your sign and label printing capabilities to new levels. Now, with a single program and a single keystroke you can print in the office, store, and/or in the aisle.

DESIGN-R-LABELSse enables you to implement your marketing plan. DESIGN-R-LABELSse enables the retailer to calculate and print savings for Regular Price vs. Sale Price and/or Your Price vs. Competitor(s). DESIGN-R-LABELSse will also calculate unit pricing to meet any federal, state or local statue.


The Design Module is the industry leader from the accuracy of the on-screen template design module to printed output. Features like the ability to insert product pictures, company and product logos will add pop to your signs. Other features like drag and drop, object inspector, relation editor and many more features allow creation of powerful, intelligent signage that moves merchandise off the shelf and into the shopping basket.


The print engine, PrintLab, merges your data with the forms and templates created in the design module to print laser sharp shelf labels and signage. PrintLab can be used in two modes: interactive (menu driven) or command line driven. Menu driven operation allows the operator to print price change batches and select multiple UPCs for the items that need signs. Command line operation is excellent for automating repetitive printing tasks and for integration into other applications.


The Import engine makes it easy to get the data necessary to print signs and labels. The Import engine can read your data and do one of two things: hand it to the print engine for immediate printing or insert it into the built-in Database Manager. The Import Engine has the ability to read data from more than forty POS Scanning systems and Back-Room/DSD applications plus, the capability to read data from ASCII and ODBC compliant data files. This ensures that regardless which POS system you have today or next year your DESIGN-R-LABELS system can be upgraded to your new POS system.


DESIGN-R-LABELSse comes with Microsoft’s powerful SQL Express database.

Additional Features:

Many additional features have been designed into the system to enhance the functionality of the application. A few of these special features are: add two additional concurrent users for a total of three (all users have all rights), import forms and templates from other copies of DESIGN-R-LABELSse or DESIGN-R-LABELS via the import/export menu.

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