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How we got started...

Over the years we have seen many obstacles that retailers face when it comes to efficiently and economically printing in-store advertising signage and product labels. Such as, shelf talkers or bib tags curling in coolers or freezers, labels and shelf talkers that are difficult to remove and leave behind a sticky residue, labels that aren’t sticky enough and fall off littering floors, but by far the issue that we hear most often is vinyl labels and shelf talkers melting in laser printers. Laser printers use heat to bind the toner to the media. Sometimes temperatures can reach up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit which can lead to vinyl, also known as PVC or polyvinyl chloride, melting and contaminating the mechanisms in your laser printer. We were hearing horror stories from retailers around the world who were trying to find a solution to this sometimes very expensive problem. We decided that we needed to help our customers overcome these obstacles. The only way to do that was to find the root of the problems and face them head-on. 

So, our search to find the best media production experts began. We scoured the US to find people with experience in producing media used primarily in the retail industry. After a long search, we finally had a production team that had insight into some of the unique challenges posed by grocery stores and supermarkets. 

Now that we had our dream team of shelf-edge marketing experts and our media production experts assembled, we were ready to address the major issues our customers were facing. We experimented with many different types of raw production materials and production procedures. We did extensive testing with many different makes and models of laser printers and inkjet printers alike. Our team worked tirelessly for months researching and developing sign and label media that would reduce, and in some cases even eliminate many of issues that had been plaguing our customers. 

Today we supply shelf media to thousands of retailers across the US and abroad. About 90% of the retailers that we provide with adhesive labels and/or shelf talkers have solved the melting tag problem by switching from Vinyl Adhesives to our Eco-Friendly Composite Adhesives. We are constantly researching and working to improve our products and to address any new issues that retailers may throw our way. All of our experts are under one roof in Mobile, AL, from software tech support to media sales and production allowing for excellent quality control and exceptional customer service. Our full-service production team can replicate or reproduce just about anything, or we can help you create something completely custom from scratch. If you can dream it, we can print it! 


Client Portfolio

Just a few retailers that have implemented the
Complete In-store Marketing Solution from Software to Shelf-Edge!

Bassett's Market, OH
Supermercados Econo, PR
Lucky's Market LLC, CO
Kirk Market, Grand Cayman
Fresh Choice Marketplace, CA
Westlake Ace Hardware, KS
Busch's Inc., MI
Milam's Markets, FL
Jimbo's...Naturally, CA
M&E Market Basket, TX
Buy For Less, OK
Jumbo Foods, OK

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