Chain stores need a consistent look-and-feel across their many stores. DESIGN-R-LABELS Home Office allows the chain’s corporate office to control the appearance and release of signs and/or labels. DESIGN-R-LABELS features standard Microsoft Office controls that enable the central office personnel to quickly become masters of form and template design, creating rich, powerful, and intelligent templates that promote and enforce the companies’ image.

Economically maintain branding and control pricing to your in-store signs and labels across all store locations while at the same time not adding time-consuming tasks for store personnel.

Solution Overview:

DESIGN-R-LABELS templates offer rule based or “if-then” reasoning that can be built right into the template without any programming by corporate or store personnel. This unique capability ensures the result will be what the home office wanted because the intelligence was built-in to the template and not dependent on the store personnel.

Whether your chain has ten stores or ten thousand stores, DESIGN-R-LABELS is flexible by module and scalable to meet your needs. The system features the retail industries most powerful design program coupled with the most flexible in-store printing solutions available. In-store printing is accomplished with our print engine, PrintLab in either a thick or thin client solution. Printlab features the ability to read a data file in ASCII format (fixed or delimited or ODBC compliant) and pass the product data through the forms and templates created by the DESIGN-R-LABELS Home Office system, producing professional, timely signs and labels. Options also exist for reading SQL and other proprietary formats. Optional capabilities include FlashPrint for printing one-off or ad hoc sign/label printing plus more…

Features & Benefits:

• Control prices

• Keep corporate image and branding

• Scalable to all size chains

Technical Specs:

• Supports thick or thin client solutions

• Compatible with over 40 POS Scanning Systems and Back-Room/DSD applications

• Reads ASCII, fixed or delimited, or ODBC compliant data files