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Buy signs, labels, & shelf-talkers online.

Retail Technologies Inc. offers a wide array of sign and label printing software solutions for the smallest retailer up to the largest chain of stores. We have many software applications from which to choose. All of our sign and label printing programs offer the ability to read data from a data item file or any SQL compliant database, process the information through the appropriate template, and print. The DESIGN-R-LABELS family of products, offers the ability to create and edit forms and templates, while PrintLab uses preloaded templates or templates created by DESIGN-R-LABELS. FLASHPRINT offers the ability to print replacement signs or labels (using any template installed on your machine) on the fly using hand-keyed data or if you have the Database Storage option, use the information stored in the database.

You can print images on your signs or labels in two ways. The first is to insert an image on a template. Use this way if you want the same image to print every time you use that template (normally used for store logos). The second way is to insert a field dependent image. This will allow the image to change based on which item is printed (normally used to print an image of the product). Use a color printer with our software to print color images, symbols, and/or text on your signs and labels.

We have thousands of customers using our DESIGN-R-LABELS Family of Products scattered across the retail spectrum including: grocery stores, gas stations, clothing stores, home decor stores, discount stores, etc. With the DESIGN-R-LABELS family of products, you will be able to easily print bar-coded shelf labels, shelf-talkers, signs, and large format signs (posters and banners).

Chain Stores
Learn how you can economically maintain a consistent "look and feel" to your in-store sign and shelf labels by printing in the store and while at the same time not adding time consuming tasks for store personnel.
Find how upgrading your sign and label printing will better enable you to compete against the big guys.
Offer your retailers the leading package on the market for in-store sign and label printing, DESIGN-R-LABELS with new lower priced versions designed to make you competitive and profitable.
Simplify your support nightmares with a single program that can nimbly handle your in-house sign and label printing needs and yet is flexible enough to satisfy the needs of your "independent" retailers.
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